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Milestone XProtect

4 Lesser-Known Tips and Tricks to Become an XProtect Jedi

XProtect is a powerful video management software. And we all know, with great power comes great responsibility.

The Boring Toolbox

The Power of Accessibility: Why Browser-Based Applications Are the Future of VMS Management

We built a new browser-based version of the Boring Toolbox file to improve the accessibility of critical VMS health insights. Here are a few things we learned along the way and why we are investing in a browser-based platform as the future of The Boring Toolbox.

Milestone XProtect

Smart Cities with GIS Mapping

Learn about how GIS mapping is affecting the way cities are built and run. New “smart” cities can be made safer, cleaner, and more responsible with this new technology. Read on to learn how it’s being used today, and could be used tomorrow.

Feature Releases

Feature Release: Boring For Your Browser

It’s time to welcome a new Boring product to the party. Introducing: The Boring Web Dashboard! See what’s new in the updated, browser-based version of our popular VMS web dashboard. We’ve improved upon the features you know and love, added new functionality, and then made it as intuitive as possible for any member of your team to access your VMS.

Milestone XProtect

4 Milestone XProtect Add-Ons Every VMS Needs

Learn how you can save time and increase efficiency with these 4 Milestone add-ons.

Milestone XProtect

What Is a ‘Flapping Camera’?

We’re covering what constitutes a flapping camera in your VMS, and how our new solution in the Boring Web Dashboard can help you be proactive about your camera connectivity.