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Reduce the time you spend managing milestone xprotect by 97%

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The Cure for Tedious Camera Management and Reporting

Milestone XProtect Express+, Pro+, Expert and Corporate are powerful video management platforms that centrally manage large distributed video surveillance/security networks. As powerful as they may be we can make them faster and easier to use! Welcome to The Boring Lab and our Boring Toolbox.

The Boring Toolbox extends the powerful functionality of Milestone's Management Client by adding features that will make the lives of Milestone XProtect admins more productive and, well, less boring.


"Since we began to use The Boring Toolbox, we have seen intensive and time consuming tasks cut to a fraction of the time and effort. The Toolbox is simple and easy to use and is a force multiplier when it comes to manpower. The Support team is efficient, knowledgeable, and eager to help and streamline our process."


Senior Operations Lead, Snap Inc

"The Boring Toolbox has helped save countless hours by taking the mundane tasks of password changes, and other bulk changes and speeding them up to a matter of minutes instead of many hours. Boring Labs is always adding new features and they listen to their end users and integrators to add new features frequently. "


Engineer, Stone Security

"I came across The Boring Toolbox by accident and had that light bulb moment that finally someone released something that will help me do my job more efficiently and ensure that my my fleet is up to date and managed well."

Chris Goetze

Swinburne University

Show Me The Numbers.
How Much Time Will I Save?

Name Management

An average tech will take 1 to 4 min to rename a hardware device and all the sub-devices in Milestone XProtect management client. Why such a wide range? Well, because it is so time consuming most techs will end up only renaming the devices they need. This leads to poor data integrity, non-compliance with policy and difficulty managing the system. Assuming these numbers, if you rename just 1 time using the Boring Toolbox you will save 67 hours. Rename them more than once and you save even more. What would you do with those 67 hours?

Password Management

Changing a password in Milestone XProtect will take between 20 to 30 seconds if you are in the groove, but doing this for 1000 cameras quickly makes you want to find something else to do. We assumed 60 seconds or 1 min per password with the added buffer for wandering attention spans and achy wrists, which for our 1000 cameras, equals 1000 min per password change. Now assume your IT security team has a password rotation policy for IOT devices that requires you to do this once per quarter...that is 4000 minutes or just under 67 hours. Boring Toolbox can do 67 hours of work in less than 20 min and 10 clicks.

Auto Groups

Let’s say you need to move devices from multiple storage configurations on a recording server or you need to stop devices in certain storage configurations for a short amount of time. Doing this now would be a super manual process and would take a little less than 17 hours to sort through the 1000 cameras and add them each to a device group related to the storage configuration of a recording server. With The Boring Toolbox we do 17 hours of manual labor in seconds.

You’ll Be High-Fiving Your CoWorkers
(We Promise)

Blazing Fast

We identified some bottlenecks in the Milestone SDK so we wrote our own API. We can perform tasks 60x faster by using The Boring Lab API (we know this number is crazy, but it is true).

Beautifully Simple Interface

Since we are all about making you more efficient, one of our goals was to eliminate the need for a complex user manual. That is why we designed our interface to be simple, clean and self-explanatory.

Tight Integration

The Boring Toolbox is so tightly integrated with Milestone XProtect you can even authenticate with the same users, including those derived from Windows and Active Directory.

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Powerful device group management

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Easy Password Management

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Boring Toolbox

Boring Toolbox

Licensed by camera Scales to thousands of cameras Device Management Hardware Management Password Management Reporting Up to 97% time savings No upfront fees

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