The Boring Lab

Managing XProtect made Easy

It's like adding a team to do all the boring stuff

Supporting 100,000+ Milestone cameras globally

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Using Boring Toolbox for Milestone XProtect is like

Dashboard with storage and live monitoring

We estimate it would take three to five people to accurately generate the data needed to properly monitor XProtect. The Boring Toolbox does it for you.


Blazing Fast

We can perform tasks 60x faster by using The Boring Lab API (we know this number is crazy, but it is true).

beautifully simple

We designed our interface to be simple, clean and self-explanatory. No manual needed!

tight Integration

Tightly integrated with Milestone XProtect. Whatever you do in Boring Toolbox shows up in Management Client.

“We have been using The Boring Toolbox to streamline our Professional Services Engagements and could not be more happy with the product. The bulk configuration capabilities, reporting, and overall functionality of the product is outstanding! If you need a force multiplier to help you manage your XProtect environment, this is your answer.”

Jacob Onstad

Pro-Services Engineer
Milestone Systems

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Save time, money and your sanity with bulk operations​

Milestone XProtect management client is a powerful VMS management interface but we make it better with the power of bulk operations, simple user interface and intuitive workflows.​

Powerful device group management

No more hunting through long lists of devices, automatically create device groups based on camera model, firmware or recording server storage configuration, IP subnet and more!

Simple methods to configure your cameras at scale

The Boring Toolbox gives users the freedom to enable and disable devices. rename hardware and devices, apply FPS and resolution changes and update IP addresses in bulk. Stop right clicking yourself to death and work smarter.

Password management from VMS to Device​

Stay in compliance and keep unwanted people out of your cameras and devices by updating passwords with ease. Boring Toolbox will update passwords in Milestone XProtect AND camera hardware from Axis, Hanwha, Sony, Bosch and Arecont.

Detailed Camera Reporting

Get useful, filterable Excel reports on camera hardware, devices, retention, camera snapshots and stream information all in a couple of clicks.

just for you...

A personal feature walk-through

Attend a 1-1 demo to learn how to get the best use out of the Boring Toolbox.