How to Install & Upgrade The Boring Toolbox

Getting Started #1: This tutorial will teach you how to install The Boring Toolbox on your server and client.

Getting Started with The Boring Toolbox

In this video we walk you through installation process for the The Boring Toolbox. 

There are two parts to installing The Boring Toolbox, the Server and the ClientBoth must be downloaded

Access the latest versions of each as well as view our pre-requisites and pre-installation considerations 👇👇

*Please note that the installation instructions are the same whether you are downloading The Boring Toolbox for the first time or upgrading your system. 

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This is video 1 of 3 in our “Getting Started With The Boring Toolbox” tutorial playlist.

In our next video, we guide you through configuring your Toolbox and connecting it to Milestone XProtect.