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Help Milestone Administrators Save Time

We Hated Doing Boring, Monotonous
Work In Milestone XProtect

Thats why we build the ultimate time-saving toolbox

The Boring Toolbox is the only management solution designed exclusively for XProtect in an effort to help Milestone customers get the most out of their VMS. Each tool within our toolbox offers an efficient solution to a time-draining problem.

By using the Boring
Toolbox, our customers:




  • How It Began

    With 10 years of experience installing Milestone for hundreds of customers from large to small, our founders experienced the headache of troubleshooting issues in Milestone, firsthand.

    The idea for The Boring Lab was born after one particularly mind-numbingly boring night spent troubleshooting camera devices. After 8+ hours working tediously on the problem, we’d had enough.

    We put our heads together and came up with a plan to create the Boring Toolbox, the most exciting solution to a boring problem the VMS industry has ever seen.

  • The First Boring Solutions

    After we conceived the idea for an auto-grouping function that fixed our camera device issue, we set out to create a small internal-use application that would allow us to be efficient and effective with our customer installation and maintenance.

    Yet over time, we identified more and more time-consuming challenges that demanded a more efficient solution, and we knew other Milestone administrators wanted the same.

    And thus, The Boring Toolbox was born.

  • The Boring Toolbox V1

    The Boring Team jumped into the Milestone SDK and found a well-built, well-documented API that would allow us to build the application, and we soon had our first prototype. But after further testing, we found that specific parts of the Milestone API caused mediocre responsiveness.

  • Rebuilding For Speed

    To improve the user experience, we made the decision to rebuild the application, but with our own web services API to speed things up. It was the right choice.

    Thanks to the Boring Lab web services API we saw a 60x increase in system speed while giving us a deeper integration with Milestone.

    We now had the ability to support more complex Milestone deployments while extending the functionality through new and useful tools for boring and tedious jobs.

  • The Future Of Boring Work

    Now at V5 of the Boring Toolbox, we have certainly come a long way since V1 was first released. Thanks to your feedback we have added in additional functionality such as live monitoring as a background service, scheduled reporting, smart notifications and maintenance mode, critical mode, and more.

Our #1 Goal and Guiding Principle

To eliminate boring work from Milestone Admins lives once and for all so they can be more efficient, effective, and spend their time on the work they love doing.

Meet Our Boring Leaders

Ronen Isaac

Chief Executive Officer

Dani Elias

Chief Technology Officer

Cathy Greenlee

Global Account Executive

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