The Boring Lab

Our Boring Story

Our Mission

Our mission here at Boring Labs is pretty simple; to help Milestone admins save time. Our tool is built around finding what tasks drain the most time and life force and simplify or remove them. This increases productivity, saves money and creates happier employees.

The Problem

The team at The Boring Lab has had over 10 years of experience installing Milestone XProtect systems with our integration company, Continental Computers. We have installed Milestone for hundreds of customers–from large to small, from police forces to large enterprise. One day, while troubleshooting an issue, we had to pause recording on cameras of a specific storage configuration on a specific recording server. After investing 8 hours to create a spreadsheet, a checklist, and figure out which camera devices were enabled vs disabled we were able to create device groups that mimicked the storage configurations and were finally able to pause the recording. Eight hours!!! There has to be a better way.

A Toolbox For Everyone?

From that frustration came the concept of Auto-Groups and we set out to create a small internal-use application that would allow us to be efficient and effective with our customer installation and maintenance. We had to be able to react to client requests faster. After some internal discussion we realized that we needed more than just Auto-Groups, we discovered that there probably several other tools that would make us a more effective, premier Milestone integration company. From that The Boring Lab was conceived.

The Boring Lab

The Boring Team jumped into the Milestone SDK and found a well built, well documented API that would allow us to build the application. We soon had our first prototype. After some testing on some larger systems, we found that specific parts of the Milestone API caused mediocre responsiveness. To improve the user experience we made the decision to rebuild the application, but with our own web services API to speed things up. This turned out to be the right choice, our web services sped up parts of the system by over 60x while giving us a deeper integration with Milestone. We now had the ability to support more complex Milestone deployments and continually extend the functionality through new and useful tools for boring and tedious jobs. Introducing The Boring Toolbox.

We are very proud of our first release of The Boring Toolbox. Our promise is to continue to increase the efficiency of Milestone Admins. Let us take care of the boring stuff so you can get back to the great things you do.

Milestone Gold Technology Partner Symbol

Gold is Boring

Boring Lab is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a Milestone Gold Technology Partner