Quickly and Securely Log In to Your Password-Protected Axis Camera Using The Boring Toolbox

In this short video tutorial, you will learn how you can use The Boring Toolbox to quickly and securely log in to an Axis camera without knowing its password.

Quick Camera Log In Tutorial

In this video, I will show you a quick and easy way to log in to an Axis camera without knowing its password. 

By using The Boring Toolbox, you can access the camera hardware, login URL, and then securely copy and paste the password into the login form. 

💬 Tutorial Steps

  1. Log in the Boring Toolbox
  2. Go over to Hardware View
  3. Select the camera hardware
  4. Flip on Details View
  5. Copy the password directly from here
  6. Click on the URL
  7. Paste the password in and submit

🤖 Required Permissions & Tools

  • To view or use any camera passwords, you will need the necessary user rights in Milestone. Check with your administrator if you do have rights for the password.

  • This tutorial utilizes Milestone XProtect and The Boring Toolbox VMS management software. Both are required for this tutorial. If you don’t already have The Boring Toolbox, you can try it for free

Tools Used

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