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How to Add Notes to Video Camera Hardware in Milestone XProtect Using The Boring Toolbox

In this short video tutorial, you will learn how to add notes to your camera hardware using The Boring Toolbox

Learn How to Add Notes to Camera Hardware in Boring Toolbox

In this short video, we guide you through the simple steps to enter notes about camera hardware directly in Boring Toolbox. 

Notes are great for communicating important information with team members such as why a camera is currently in maintenance mode.

Using notes will improve team communication, prevent unnecessary meetings about hardware statuses, and enhance your workflow and team collaboration in managing your video security system.

💬 Tutorial Steps

  1. Start by logging into Boring Toolbox
  2. Navigate to the hardware view
  3. Select the desired hardware. 
  4. Toggle to view the details view 
  5. Add notes to the description box

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