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Powerful device group management

Automatically create device groups based on camera model, firmware or recording server storage configuration.  Once you have the groups built you can then use XProtect management client to make bulk changes to those devices. Compress hours and days of boring work into minutes

How to create device groups using search

Using the Boring Toolbox you can create device groups for specific purposes lightning fast using our global search function. In this video we create a device group for Lobby cameras as an example. Looking through 500+ cameras takes 13 min in Milestone XProtect management client vs seconds with the Boring Toolbox.

How to create device groups based on hardware type

Creating device based groups in Milestone XProtect management client is a manual process that could take many hours in a big system and is definitely not something you want to do over and over.

With Boring Toolbox you can do this in seconds with auto camera device groups feature. Here we show how to quickly create device groups based on camera model so that you can change settings specific only to like models.

How to quickly move from one storage config to another

Moving one storage config in Milestone XProtect management client is done one by one per camera unless you have them in a device group. Well, finding which cameras and creating a device group with the exact cameras that are in a specific storage configuration is time consuming and can take hours.

With Boring Toolbox you can create auto device groups in seconds based on several templates. In this video we demonstrate the Storage Configuration template. Once Boring Toolbox creates the auto device group in Milestone XProtect you can return to management client and move all devices to the new storage configuration in bulk.

Stop being bored and 
Get back to what you love.

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Mind-blowing hardware device management

If you are moving a camera, changing naming convention, forgot to disable sub-devices on import then this is for you. Easily rename hardware and devices, in bulk, based on several intuitive methods. Enable and disable multiple devices at once.  Stop right clicking yourself to sleep but get to bed even faster.

*New features include:

- Update settings across multiple hardware types, drivers etc

- Update IP addresses in bulk manually

- Import IP addresses in bulk via Excel

How to Quickly Rename Devices

Renaming cameras in Milestone XProtect management client is a one by one process which takes many clicks and lots of time.

In this video we show how you can use The Boring Toolbox to save hours renaming cameras and with substantially fewer clicks. Here we show that it takes 1 min 30 sec to rename a hardware and its devices using Milestone XProtect management client while it takes only 19 sec using Boring Toolbox.

Boring also allows you to update the names of multiple hardware at once saving you exponentially more time than just going one by one.

Turn one-by-one into
done and done.

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Easy Password Management

Effective network security extends all the way to your end points. For effective cyber security management, your cameras should have new passwords assigned at installation and regenerated on a regular basis. Milestone's management client will allow you to change one password at a time but what if you have 1000 cameras or even 50 for that matter?  That turns into one boring task. The Boring Toolbox password manager allows you to roll passwords on all your cameras in minutes versus hours or days.

Integrations include

- Axis password synchronization

- Arecont Password synchronization

- Hanwha Password synchronization

- Sony password synchronization

- Bosch password synchronization

How to Bulk Change Camera Passwords

Using the Boring Toolbox you can finally update camera passwords in bulk. This will allow you to stay up to date with your corporate IT cyber security policy, protect your infrastructure after an employee leaves the team. The Boring Toolbox works with XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional +, XProtect Expert and XProtect Corporate.

Stay in compliance and
stay secure.

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Hassle-Free Reporting

To get  reports that allow you to query and filter, Milestone requires SQL direct queries or converting PDFs to Excel.  Dump the SQL queries and PDF conversion. The Boring Toolbox lets you quickly download your entire configuration in to an Excel spreadsheet with filters enabled.  Quickly filter on recording server, hardware type, network information and video stream settings and get back to more exciting things in life.

How to Create Reports in Excel

Get useful, filterable Excel reports on camera hardware, devices, stream information all in a couple of clicks.

Export with lightning speed
into a useful format.

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Global search on every screen

Quickly sort and filter your camera inventory based on name to perform any of the tasks in The Boring Toolbox.

How to use Global Search

With Boring Toolbox you can search your entire global catalog of hardware and devices. Quickly find the camera you want to add to a group, rename, delete, disable/enable etc.

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The Boring Toolbox is a plug-in that enhances the Milestone product suite of video management solutions. Milestone software is required and sold separately.

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