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The Best Milestone XProtect Technology Solutions for Retail

It's a well-known fact that retail businesses are some of the most likely to suffer from theft and loss. Retail is also one of the industries where video surveillance systems can provide the greatest peace of mind. For these reasons, we've compiled a list of our top XProtect solutions for retail business owners and managers who are looking to make their stores as safe as possible. We hope you enjoy!
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There are many reasons why a strong video security system is beneficial for your retail business. Whether you’re looking to bolster loss prevention measures, better understand customer behavior, or reduce theft in your store, intuitive video management system (VMS) technology like Milestone XProtect can help.

We’ll go over the primary benefits of video management systems and suggest some specific products that will help you find the perfect solutions to keep your retail business running like a well-oiled machine.

Primary Benefits of Video Security in Retail

  • Loss prevention
  • Safety and security
  • Business intelligence
  • Customer experience

Maximize Loss Prevention

If your store, boutique, or restaurant struggles with shoplifting, employee theft, or fraud, there are a number of solutions on the market that can help. Retailers can add several solutions to their existing Milestone XProtect VMS solution for a powerful combination of retail-oriented features that provide maximum security to your staff and customers and minimize loss.

Identify Known Shoplifters with Vix Vizion's Facial Recognition Solution

The crowded nature of a retail store makes it difficult to monitor everyone. But with Imagus Facial Recognition software from Vix Vizion, you can keep track of who is coming and going in your store and identify known shoplifters. The software also makes it easy to find missing persons or locate lost children in crowded areas in times of crisis.

The software employs artificial intelligence to identify problematic individuals in your store by analyzing data from previous misdemeanors. See how Imagus helped a busy shopping center in Sydney curb theft and reduce trespassing to ‘almost zero’ in this case study.

Detect Customer Escalations with Sound Analytics

Say you operate an internet or cell phone store and a customer comes in, visibly and audibly upset about their bill. Or maybe at your boutique, a customer starts yelling at one of your employees because they aren’t able to use a coupon.

VMS solutions like the Sound Intelligence plug-in for XProtect can help to detect these situations and alert the necessary personnel before things get out of hand. A powerful edge-based audio analytic, this plug-in helps security operators react to incidents faster and reduce damage to your business.

Improve Safety & Security

Safety and security are paramount to maintain, both for you and your retail customers. Luckily, these great add-ons ensure that you have a handle on all situations. Check out our recent blog for even more of the best access control solutions for XProtect.

Scalable Retail Security and Integrated Access Control with XProtect Access

Stay on top of who is coming in and out of your store and who has the authorization to enter classified rooms with integrated access control solutions. XProtect Access allows you to monitor all access control events alongside your video streams from a single unified interface. Combining video technology and access control capabilities in a retail context makes a lot of sense to improve safety and security through all the functionality it unlocks.

Unattended Object Detection with IQ Series

The IQ Series video analytics solution for XProtect gives operators the functionality to find almost anything that might go missing in your store. Find specific people with facial recognition and behavior analytics designed for large crowds or locate cars with multilingual license plate recognition.

Boost Business Intelligence

Effective marketing starts with greater business intelligence, including an understanding of who your customers are and how they interact in your store. When you know your target market’s demographics and behavior you can provide a more tailored, optimized retail experience.

Understand Retail Customer Behavior with VEZHA

Collecting customer data just got easier with VEZHA Gender and Age Detection. This VMS solution allows you to determine the gender and age of retail visitors. In addition, data generated reports guide information about visitors to form a portrait of a potential buyer, determine an active audience, and aid in further market research.

Get Accurate Occupancy Data with Dragonfruit’s Mapping Solution

Knowing how many people are in your store, where they are specifically, and how they’re moving is essential to understanding your retail trends and flows. Video surveillance has long been used to collect occupancy data, but camera placement has presented issues of counting the same customers multiple times, or missing them altogether. And what’s the point of investing in a VMS system if the data it’s collecting isn’t accurate?

With Dragonfruit’s Occupancy Management Suite, AI-powered analytics map your cameras on real 2D maps to produce movement patterns and occupancy analytics with superior accuracy. The solution is easily integrated with your current Milestone XProtect system and also comes with expert-level insights and reporting functionality.

Enhance Customer Experience

An integral part of running a successful retail business is ensuring your customers have the best possible shopping experience. Get ahead of bad situations and ensure more positive interactions with these solutions.

Stay On Top of Wait Times with Access Queue Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges to happy customers? Long lines.

But have no fear, with Axis Queue Monitoring you can use your VMS to constantly monitor the length of lines at the checkout and call for backup when it’s needed. Reduce your customers’ wait times, collect data on queue fluctuations throughout the day, and optimize staff planning with this surveillance solution that’s perfect for retail.

Keep Your Customers Safe During COVID-19 With Mask Detection

In our current rapidly changing landscape, ensure your customers’ safety with these two XProtect solutions that are developed with COVID-19 in mind.

  • Imagus Facial Recognition software from Vix Vizion (mentioned earlier) has added functionality that allows you to add or remove a mask option for cameras. This setting works by telling your cameras not to perform facial recognition on selected regions of the face.
  • The Viisights Wise COVID-19 Plugin helps your retail store stay in alignment with current COVID-19 protocols by detecting the presence of masks, measuring social distancing, reporting occupancy analytics, and recording crowd behavior.

No matter what your retail goals are, a video surveillance system can help. Whether you’re looking to bolster loss prevention tactics or better understand customer behavior, there are solutions that will be perfect for you and your business. Take a look at the specific needs of your store and check out our suggestions to find an intuitive VMS solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

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