The 3 Coolest Access Control Solutions for Milestone XProtect

Take your company's security to the next level by restricting physical areas with these access control solutions for your Milestone XProtect VMS. With these integrations, you can customize and integrate your system to fit your security needs. Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite technology partners and solutions.
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What is access control?

Access control is a crucial part of your larger surveillance system, acting as the bouncer who stands at the different points of entry into your business. When an unknown or unauthorized person approaches, access control asks, “Do I know you?”

Access Control is the security infrastructure that limits who or what can access specific physical locations like your office, buildings, or even home. It’s the boundary that automatically authorizes specific users based on whether they meet a predetermined set of credentials and authentication criteria. 

What are the benefits of access control?

Similar to most functions of video management software, access control configurations have one simple goal: to minimize risk.

Access control configurations act as the metaphorical trolls underneath your security bridge, only granting access to only those who meet your criteria.

Adding in access control to your video surveillance system is a crucial step to protect your most valuable assets: your employees, your property, confidential information but also extends to operations ie. booking meeting rooms! Access control is also a key component in several regulations and standards including PCI and compliance with state cannabis regulations.

How does access control work with Milestone XProtect?

Like a key in a lock, access control systems fit perfectly into your Milestone VMS. With XProtect Access, you can manage your video cameras and access control navigation from a central interface.

This seamless pairing gives you the liberty to make more informed security decisions, work more efficiently, and save time (trust us, we know how precious it is).

Video-enabled access control with XProtect Access allows admins to:

  • Manage access rights and requests with live video and real-time notifications using XProtect Smart Client and XProtect Mobile.
  • Manage large installations with thousands of access points.
  • Integrate multiple access control systems from multiple vendors into the same interface.

Next Level Controlled Door Access with 2N Access Control

Make sure your door is always open to the right people, and only the right people by integrating the 2N® Access Commander Plugin to XProtect Access.

The 2N Access Commander Plugin is the perfect option if you want to manage video and access monitoring and control, all from a single interface.

XProtect is in charge of the surveillance for your company, but without integrating video and access control functionality together, you’re limiting your potential for maximum situational awareness and quicker response times in crises. The plugin integrates seamlessly with XProtect Access within your Milestone VMS system so you can view access events and cardholder information, trigger door locks, and monitor alarms directly in XProtect®.

What’s more, compatibility between 2N Access Commander and XProtect Access ensures all logs of cardholder information, authorizing credentials, license plates, and more are sent directly to your XProtect operator in a streamlined, single-platform format.

Life-changing control with 2N Access Commander and XProtect Access:

  • Monitor and control door switches and locks
  • Integration with graphical maps in XProtect for visual representations of what’s actually going on within your business
  • Real-time event logging of all authorizing credentials directly in Milestone
  • Easier post-incident investigations with stored video synced up with access control logged information

License Plate Recognition with TraFFIc CaMMRa

As one of the fastest applications for traffic systems out there, TraFFIc CaMMRa identifies license plates, vehicle brands, models, and colors with unbelievable accuracy to ensure your business is as safe and secure as possible. The application runs directly on your Axis cameras (serverless) as ACAP.

We love this solution by FF-Group because it’s edge-based, easy to set up, and works flawlessly with Milestone Centralized Search. Plus, it has built-in access control functions to help manage automatic gates. By recognizing and classifying license plates and vehicles, your system will allow entry to only those who are authorized.

Use CaMMRA to bolster your access control set up in office buildings, secure facilities, HOAs, or hotels for VIP recognition. The tool can even identify known and established bad actors and alert the appropriate security personnel, so you don’t have to lose sleep worrying about unauthorized property entries and threats to your assets.

Bi-directional Integration with Gallagher x Milestone XProtect

This bi-directional integration between Gallagher Command Centre and Milestone XProtect gives operators the ability to manage incidents from either side, allowing for a front-end user interface from both platforms.

The pros to this integration? Admins can easily respond to events from either system, rest assured that all incidents and alarms are always up to date in both sites so you can rely on one source of truth.

Gallagher operators can:

  • View video associated with alarms
    • Milestone alarms include motion detection and other analytics
    • Gallagher alarms include duress, forced door, & perimeter
  • Stream footage in H.265 (HEVC)
  • Pan, tilt & zoom the camera
  • Capture an image of the current frame
  • Challenge access requests (approve/deny)

Milestone operators can:

  • Acknowledge & process Gallagher events
  • View & open Command Centre doors
  • View Command Centre cardholder images & personal data fields in
  • Milestone for synchronized cardholders


If you’re looking for a way to streamline your security and make better decisions, integrating access control systems into your Milestone VMS can help. 

The solutions we’ve discussed today can take your surveillance system to the next level. Each with its own unique superpowers, you can customize your system to meet your business’s unique security needs. Whether you need basic access control systems, want a better hand on your parking lots and license plate scanning, or are managing a system across multiple sites, any of these solutions, paired with XProtect Access, are sure to be a match made in security heaven.

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