The Best 3 XProtect Integrations for Video Security in the Cannabis Industry

To run a successful cannabis company today, you need to meet a growing number of video security requirements. Your VMS can’t be any Average Joe system. Try these three integrations for your Milestone XProtect system to optimize storage, enhance video retention and reporting, and bolster your access control means to keep your company in compliance with every security regulation.
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As a cannabis dispensary, you’re probably aware that this growing industry comes with many compliance and regulatory hoops you must jump through and your video security system is no exception.

Major compliance issues could arise from simple things like not having clear, unobstructed camera views of the licensed premise (ie. blind spots or sight obstructions), and/or not having the correct documentation for your video retention.

Ugh, we know.

There are, however, a few tools that you can use in parallel with your Milestone XProtect security system that will help you to keep your assets and people safe, stay in compliance with legal requirements and provide the proper documentation to prove compliance if and when the time comes.

The beauty of having Milestone XProtect is that every system can be customized with integrations that suit your unique business needs.

For more detailed information on video retention requirements in the cannabis industry, read everything you need to know in this blog post.

Boost Camera Health, Reporting, and Provide Proof of Compliance with The Boring Toolbox from The Boring Lab

State commercial cannabis compliance regulations require that:

  • “The video surveillance system shall at all times be able to effectively and clearly record images of the area under surveillance.”
  • “The video surveillance system shall be equipped with a failure notification system that provides notification to the licensee of any interruption or failure of the video surveillance or video surveillance-system storage device,”
  • Policies are in place for “securing and backing up electronic records in a manner that prevents unauthorized access and ensures that the integrity of the records is maintained.”

TL;DR save yourself the headache and get yourself a VMS integration with a really strong health monitoring dashboard, video retention reporting, and other quick and comprehensive reporting functions. cough–The Boring Toolbox–cough

With The Boring Toolbox, you won’t have to wonder if your VMS has failed to notify you when a camera is down or an incident has occurred. With meaningful and accurate Smart Notifications and intuitive dashboards, your operators and VMS admins will always receive automated alerts when something goes wrong.

Proving Compliance Made Easy With One-Click Reports

To help you stay on top of reporting, The Boring Toolbox’s rich reporting features allow you to quickly download your entire configuration into an Excel spreadsheet with filters enabled in just one click.

The Boring Toolbox will make any video retention audit move along smoothly and quickly

Watch how in just a few clicks will highlight any differences between your footage retention and what’s required.

Try The Boring Toolbox for FREE when you sign up for a 30-day free trial

Reduce and Optimize Video Storage with Zipstream by Axis

Regulations from the State of California require your business to comply with the following video retention requirements:

  • “Surveillance recordings shall be kept for a minimum of 90 calendar days.”
  • “Cameras shall record continuously 24 hours per day and at a minimum of 15 frames per second (FPS)”

Though every state has varying compliance regulations when it comes to video retention, the common denominator requires cannabis companies to have a VMS that can both store a large volume of video footage, and allow easy access to that footage. For a growing cannabis business like yours, comprehensively monitoring your supply chain, open hours, and locations could mean that video storage fills up quickly.

The solution? Features like Zipstream from Axis allow you to enhance your system’s storage capacity without sacrificing video quality. Integrated with the Milestone XProtect system, Zipstream has three kinds of intelligent algorithms to record video evidence at the full frame rate and full resolution, while still leaving you with significantly more storage capacity.

Improve Your Access Control with Gallagher’s Milestone XProtect Integration

In addition to keeping up with video retention and storage needs, you need to ensure that the right people have access to your product and specific areas of your property. And unfortunately, declaring your privacy aloud for all to hear is unfortunately not going to cut it these days.

For reference, here are just a few of the access control requirements for cannabis companies in California:

  • “Physical barriers to secure perimeter access and all points into premises and limiting access of personnel within the premises to those areas necessary to.”
  • “Installing a security alarm system to notify and record incidents where physical barriers have been breached”

Gallagher’s integrated access control solution gives you additional management options and control over entrance permissions, helping you to keep your space secure and business compliant.

The integration allows operators to use a single-user interface, with name, photo, and relevant personnel information at hand, to provide access to authorized staff in restricted areas. Minimize piggybacking by making sure only the right people can enter certain areas, one at a time. With added control, easier compliance, and a simple setup, your company can easily meet compliance requirements and increase the global security level of your property.

Gallagher has a great reputation for offering excellent security and business management solutions. Their systems are trusted and employed in all major industries across the globe, including national and local government, military and defense, transport and logistics, critical infrastructure, mining, corrections, finance, education, entertainment, and healthcare.

We promise, this is not an #ad, we’re just big fans 💌 ☝️

If you’re running a business in the cannabis industry today, the quality of your product won’t matter if you get shut down because you aren’t in compliance or can’t prove you were in compliance.

To run a healthy and safe cannabis business in 2022, you’ll need the proper video security systems in place to meet all state and federal regulations.

With these three integrations for your VMS, you will optimize storage space with an intelligent archiving process so videos can be retained long enough to meet industry standards. Your bandwidth will also be increased by leveraging access control systems that keep all data secure and compliant with every regulation out there (don’t worry about compliance – we got this). Not to mention, with the most streamlined and intuitive reporting and health notification functionality on the market from the Boring Toolbox, you can spend your time and energy focusing on the happiness of your customers and growing and scaling your business.

You’ve got this. Now get out there and help some people get high.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

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