The Boring Lab

Instant Data

Dashboards for XProtect

Simple to use, pane of information that bubbles up system statistics that will actually mean something to a Milestone XProtect administrator

Boring Toolbox Dashboard

Charts for Everything

Quickly get an overview of used and free space on drives across the entire Milestone XProtect VMS as well as camera brands, hardware status and video availability.

Top Storage Consumers

Boring Toolbox breaks down the cameras consuming the largest amount of storage across the entire Milestone VMS. You can now quickly find those cameras that need adjustment or maintenance.

Boring Dashboards, Storage Tiles for Milestone XProtect
Milestone XProtect Recording Server Storage Health

Recording Server Storage Health

At a glance view of recording server storage health quickly identifying only the recording servers that need your attention.

Know what cameras are offline

The Boring Live Monitoring tile will provide real-time status of the cameras which are not providing video so you instantly know which cameras need maintenance. We even provide a handy Excel export!

Boring Camera Not Responding Email Alert Notification

Notification of offline cameras

Boring Toolbox will send you emails when you cameras are not providing video in Milestone XProtect. Choose how long the camera must be offline before being notified.

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