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How to Create a Camera Inventory Report in Milestone XProtect in Under 60 Seconds

The Boring Toolbox gives XProtect Management Clients the ability to create, export, and schedule customizable Milestone camera inventory reports, including details on cameras, servers, and storage configuration.​

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Remember that one time you spent hours generating an amazing Camera Inventory Report that detailed everything about your Milestone XProtect VMS?


You went above and beyond to format your excel spreadsheet and include the make, model, name, IP, MAC, video settings, and even camera snapshots! Nothing can compete with the feeling of a job well done. Well, besides the joy of actually being done with such a tedious and boring project.

Unfortunately, your feelings of pride were all too short-lived once you realized your beautiful report, that you just spent so much time on, is already out of date.

The despair.

You, like many others, may be tempted to file these types of boring projects as a problem for “future you.” However, putting these camera inventory reports on the indefinite back burner isn’t the best option for you or your company because it limits your ability to report on and share about your security system.

Comprehensive camera inventory reports are important because they enable you to:

  • Audit your VMS to ensure it is configured according to your standards

  • Create an archive of records to reference in the future.

  • Share information about your Milestone VMS with your team.

We’ve been in your shoes and understand that the mere mention of ‘camera reports’ may send shivers down your spine but rest assured, our team at The Boring Lab is determined to change the way you think about boring work forever, camera reports included!

The Boring Toolbox gives XProtect Management Clients the ability to create always-accurate camera reports for your entire Milestone VMS, including details for your cameras, servers, and storage configuration. 

With the Boring Toolbox, you can skip the boring work and simply, copy, and paste from Milestone Management Client into Excel.

Create your Milestone XProtect Camera Inventory Report in 3 simple steps:

  • Launch the Boring Toolbox Client
  • Head to the Camera Report section and select your options
  • Click Generate Export

The camera report includes most of the information you typically record plus, information on your current camera video health, camera video retention, and camera passwords all in one neatly formatted report.

You can even schedule the reports to be emailed when you need them, which allows you to share this information with your teammates, even if they don’t have access to the Boring Toolbox!

Try It Yourself! 
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This is no party trick

(although if it were, that’s our kind of party)

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