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Amazing Reports

Get useful, filterable Excel reports on camera hardware, devices, stream information all in a couple of clicks.

Camera report for Milestone XProtect, status, retention, frame rate
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Create Reports in Excel

To get filterable reports Milestone requires SQL direct queries or converting PDFs to Excel. The Boring Toolbox lets you quickly download your entire configuration in to an Excel spreadsheet with filters enabled instantly and with only one click!

This software is amazing! It paid for itself the first time I pressed “generate report”
Scheduled Milestone XProtect Report for SOC Operators

Schedule reports for team members

Create new, more efficient workflows for compliance and system maintenance with reports that arrive in your inbox, when you need them

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Create as many as you need
  • Specific reports for each team
  • Specific reports for each region
  • Include video retention
  • Include video snapshots
  • Teams don't need access to Milestone

Automatically Export Camera Snapshots

With a check of a box export the point in time snapshot of the camera. Perfect for sign-off or as a "golden image" for future maintenance.

Boring Toolbox Video Retention Report for XProtect

Quick Retention Audit

Audit and stay in compliance with video retention regulations and policies with a click of a button

Find it Fast with Filtering​

Reports come ready to filter, search and find what you need

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