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7 Ways You’ll Save Time And Stress In Milestone Management Client With The Boring Toolbox

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If it feels like you spend all day in Milestone Management Client, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s why we created The Boring Toolbox for Milestone XProtect in the first place! We were spending too much time on performing repetitive and mundane tasks and needed a better way. The Boring Toolbox has all of the tools you need to make managing Milestone XProtect… manageable.

Allow me to explain why The Boring Toolbox is the peanut butter to Milestone’s jelly and exactly how it will save you both time and stress:

What is The Boring Toolbox?

If you have a Milestone VMS, you’re probably familiar with its comprehensive set of tools to manage, control and monitor all IP-based surveillance cameras. It really is quite robust and one of (if not the) best VMS out there. But the bigger your system, the more tedious managing it can be.

The Boring Toolbox makes everything about managing your VMS easier.
Simplified functions within XProtect speed up important tasks such as bulk setting updates and one-click reports while data visualization dashboard and live monitoring smart notifications offer peace of mind for all the moments when you aren’t glued to your computer.

Let’s unwrap each of these sexy features, shall we?

Dashboards for XProtect

Push those monochrome dashboards to the side. Your Boring Toolbox dashboards give you a full overview of your systems health in a well organized and color coded format that is easy to understand at-a-glance.

One glance at your dashboard and you can see:

  • Which cameras are consuming the largest amount of storage across your entire VMS so you can make adjustments or schedule maintenance as needed
  • An overview of used and free space on your drives. Sort by camera brands, hardware status and even video availability
  • How much storage space is left on each of your recording servers and which ones need attention
  • Which cameras are not providing video and which recording servers are offline

Multi-Site Management

With multi-site management, you can manage multiple Milestone XProtect management servers from a single client.

Use tabs to easily toggle between your global dashboard that provides an overview of all of your sites and single-site, local dashboards if you need to dig in a little deeper.

Data visualization allows you to easily monitor incidents on a map, prioritize threats based on location, identify trends in events, and know exactly which cameras at each site are not providing video, all from one single dashboard.

Live VMS Health Monitoring

Walk around with the confidence of a jedi knowing that your cameras are streaming the video you need because The Boring Toolbox would have alerted you in real time if they weren’t.

Customize your event notification thresholds and smart notifications ensure that every alert you receive is sharing valuable information about your system’s health.

One-Click and Schedulable Reports

With The Boring Toolbox, the information you need about your VMS is always at your fingertips.

Easily download useful, filterable excel reports with one click or schedule them for later.

  • Run a report to get a detailed inventory of you entire configuration
  • Produce compliance requirements such as video retention and video snapshots
  • Create and schedule recurring reports to email to a specific team or team member or place them in a shared folder for the team to see and use

Password Manager

Cyber security management has never been easier with The Boring Toolbox’s bulk password manager. Whether you have 5 cameras or 500, you can easily update the passwords for supported brands of cameras in seconds, keeping your VMS secure.

Bulk Hardware Management

The hardware management feature of Boring Toolbox allows users to check if their camera hardware is running correctly and make adjustments as needed

  • Use Boring Toolbox as a remote desktop services manager. Launch an RDS/RDP session directly to your recording servers right from the client
  • No need to log in to the camera because you can reboot and adjust vari-focal lenses and auto-focus for selected cameras directly from the Boring Client.
  • Quickly rename camera hardware with bulk rename capabilities
  • Apply camera settings across different devices
  • Instantly filter devices by Recording Server, Device Type, Device Status or just search by camera name, IP, MAC or subnet

(We seriously need to include one of these buttons with every license we sell for The Boring Toolbox.)

Device Management

Create automatic device groups in seconds no matter how many cameras you are managing. Easily edit and manage groups as needed–saving you days, if not weeks, of work!  Combine that efficiency with XProtect management client and you can perform almost any setting change in bulk. 

Looks like you’ll finally be able to use that unlimited PTO policy after all.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

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