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What Our Customers Say About The Boring Toolbox

You Shouldn’t Have to Be a Velocity Vision Expert to Know if Your Video Is Recording

Manage Multiple Clients At Once

No need to log into multiple Clients to get system-wide visibility. Use your global and local dashboards to see the information you need at-a-glance

Monitor Your VMS in Real-Time

Our live-monitoring tools, including customizable notifications and data visualization dashboards, ensure you always know if your video is in jeopardy

Automate Tedious Tasks

Never waste time renaming device groups or updating camera passwords again with Boring bulk update automation

Report & Share Data Quickly & Easily

One-click and scheduled reports make it easy to pull data about your VMS and share it with your team

Frequently Asked Questions

After your 30-day free trial has concluded you will lose access to The Boring Toolbox. Please contact our sales team, and we would be happy to discuss how you can purchase The Boring Toolbox.

The trial does not limit features but does limit you to 48 cameras and 1 activation of the client. If your system has more than 48 cameras, the software will randomly select which cameras to include.

No, the 48 cameras included are selected at random by the software.

Your 30-day free trial begins the day the trial is issued. This date cannot be edited or moved so it is best to start your trial when you know you have the bandwidth to play with your shiny new toy.

Once registered, keep an eye out for emails from our Boring team members with important information about your installation and helpful tips about how to get started and best utilize the software.

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If you are feeling shy, you can also find more information about The Boring Toolbox in our support documentationblog, and youtube channel!

We’ve even created a full video tutorial walking you through the installation process so you can understand exactly what’s involved.

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