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A Global Dashboard

Multi-Site Management

With the Corporate Edition of Toolbox, you can manage and monitor multiple Milestone XProtect management servers from a single client.

Visualize multiple XProtect installation in one client

Multi-Site management infographic

Tabs make it easy to manage each XProtect installation

With its tabbed interface you can now manage multiple sites from one client while still taking advantage of Boring Toolbox's super time saving features. With the Boring Toolbox's tabs you have the flexibility to connect to sites are federated, interconnected or standalone. You are not ties to Milestone's traditional hierarchy. Freedom is here!

Being able to see my federated sites is awesome.
Manage Multiple XProtect Sites

Your sites, there when you need them

Log into the parent site and immediately see the health of the your managed sites.

  • Pre-configure your managed sites
  • Filter out interconnected cameras for a real picture of your site's health
  • Save time managing distributed XProtect installs

Real Time Site Status

On the global dashboard you get an at-a-glace identification of sites that are in need of maintenance. Quickly see the number of cameras and recording servers that are down throughout your enterprise, campus or city with the use of color coded tiles.

Global Live Monitoring Tiles

Report on the status of your cameras (globally!)

With Global Dashboard you can now run an Excel report of camera and server status across all your connected systems.

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Multi-Site Management & Global Dashboard

are part of the Corporate Edition