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4 Reasons Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Should Be Monitoring the Health of their Clients’ Video Security Systems

Offering VMS camera health monitoring as a service can help you to grow your business and better support your client's by helping them avoid incidences of missing video.
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As a managed service provider (MSP), your clients already trust you to configure complex IT solutions and networks and deploy video security systems. But have you ever considered offering VMS health monitoring too? 

Your client trusts your knowledge and expertise. And by not only deploying their VMS, but proactively monitoring it, you build more trust with customers, increase their ROI, and create recurring revenue for yourself too. 

Without further ado, here are three main reasons why MSPs should be monitoring the health of their client’s video security systems.  

Why is VMS health monitoring important for Managed Service Providers?

The majority of your customers’ systems are more than likely under 50 cameras. Deploying these smaller systems with the traditional “set it and forget it” mentality might initially make sense if your customers only check on their VMS after an incident occurs (what we call, forensic video).

But problems arise when an incident occurs and the video is unexpectedly missing due to an error with the cameras or recording servers. These ‘after-the-fact realizations’ can be brutal awakenings and detrimental to the company’s security and liability if they are unable to prove what happened during and leading up to an incident. Not only that but hunting down missing video and uncovering the cause can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating for the VMS administrator.

The solution? Offer VMS health monitoring as a service to your customers to help them avoid incidences of missing video.

When you create a plan to proactively monitor the health of your customer’s video security, you save yourself future issues down the line. And more importantly, you ensure your customer is confident that the pricey VMS system you installed will serve them well when they need it most.

Increase Your Customers' ROI

Milestone releases new updates to XProtect three times a year.  Be there to help your customers upgrade to the latest versions and take advantage of the latest features and performance enhancements. By ensuring these updates are installed promptly, you can help your customers avoid costly downtime and keep their systems running optimally. 

Create a Recurring Revenue Stream for Your Business

MSPs are no strangers to the importance of recurring revenue. However, the idea of generating monthly income from video security management may be a new idea that not many MSPs or system integrators have explored. That is because historically there has been very little opportunity to generate recurring revenue from video surveillance since its management has largely been limited to on-site teams. 

The introduction of health monitoring and management tools like The Boring Toolbox eliminates such barriers and open up new, and profitable, opportunities for ongoing partnerships between integrators and end-users to exist. 

Now, when you install Milestone XProtect at your customers’ site, you can offer your customers health monitoring and remote management services for a monthly fee.

Instead of spending time and resources getting their team trained on how to monitor the health their new fancy VMS, they can skip the headache and enlist you, their trusted resource, to keep an eye on their system for them.

 Now that’s what we call a WIN-WIN.

Build Even More Trust With Your Customers

By becoming a trusted partner to your customers and not just another vendor, you can differentiate yourself from the competition. 

When you take on the responsibility of monitoring their VMS health, you’re establishing yourself as their trusted advisor in all things video security. You’ll be top-of-mind when it comes time to expand their system or deploy a new VMS project, allowing you to expand your business and create more revenue from your existing network. 

Improve Client Cybersecurity

Sure, you’re hired to install a VMS. But since recording servers and cameras are essentially IT hardware, you’re also responsible for maintaining your client’s cybersecurity posture. Build updates and vulnerability patches into your service plan to ensure client security.

By monitoring the health of your customers’ video security systems, you can avoid costly downtime, increase their ROI, establish yourself as a trusted partner, and guarantee their cybersecurity posture. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients.

email notification shows camera down activity summary

Plus, VMS health monitoring is a breeze with tools from the Boring Toolbox.

With always-on camera and recording server health monitoring, the Boring Toolbox alerts you of critical events in real-time and typically before anyone notices. It’s 

System integrators who offer health monitoring and management services as a managed service provider can build more trust with their customers, increase their customers’ return on investment (ROI), and generate new recurring revenue streams for their business. 

In addition to providing peace of mind through 24/7 monitoring and timely alerts of potential issues, these services can help customers save time and money by optimizing system performance and troubleshooting issues before they become bigger problems. 

Get in touch to find out more about how the boring toolbox can be a revenue generating machine for you!

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Team Boring

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