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What to Do if Your Video Still Streams Live in Milestone XProtect but Doesn’t Record

This weekend I realized that the cameras in our Milestone XProtect server were not recording and I had no idea. 

I couldn’t believe it.  I ran through my mental checklist:

✓  Mobile server streaming video to my mobile app

✓  Recording server running and live video coming through Smart Client successfully 

✓  No notifications from Boring Toolbox

With all of those boxes checked my next step was logging into XProtect management client to investigate possible errors in the system at large.

I moused over the recording server, only to find the tooltip informing me that one or more storage resources are unavailable.

Sure enough, my D: drive was seemingly unavailable. 

Recording Server Storage not Available

I dug in a bit further and noticed an inconsistency between systems. While, Windows was showing my D: drive as available, the Milestone folders inside it were not.

When in doubt, turn it off and on again, right? I rebooted the server hoping that a fresh reboot would fix the problem.  Instead, the reboot proved that the D: drive was gone! 

After the shock and horror had subsided and the amazon order for a new SSD was in motion, I was able to start looking forward.

I immediately started thinking, how do I make sure this doesn’t happen again?  How can we create a solution in the Boring Toolbox that ensures this never happens to anyone again?

Alas, I found a solution and I’m happy to report the answer is simple.

Stop the recording server if storage is unavailable

In order to force the recording server to shut down when you lose a hard drive, make sure you check the button that says “stop the recording server if a recording storage is unavailable” when you set up your storage archive in Milestone XProtect recording server.  

This button does exactly what it says: stops the recording server when a drive that Milestone XProtect uses to record video is unavailable.

If we had this box checked at deployment, the recording server would have stopped and the Boring Toolbox would have sent us one of those priceless notifications.

Our video would have been safe. A boring lesson I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.