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What is the Milestone XProtect Management Client

The Milestone XProtect Management client is the primary administrative user interface used for managing all aspects of the Milestone VMS.  


  • The management client is typically installed on the management server by default.  So if you are managing the video management system from the management server computer then you are good to go.
  • If you would like to install the management client on another machine on the network you will need to download it from the management server’s download manager.  You can not download the management client from the Milestone website.
    • URL to download: https://ip.of.server/installation/admin
    • Log in with a user that has access to the management server


The XProtect management client is required to manage all aspects of the VMS but here are some key functions:

  • Adding cameras: This is done by right clicking on the recording server and adding hardware.
  • Changing camera settings including frame rate, resolution, codec
  • Renaming cameras and devices
  • Creating camera device groups for bulk settings application, device permissions, etc
  • Adding roles/users: Go to roles, create a role, and then add windows users or basic Milestone users to that role.
  • Set up rules 


Going along with the open platform motto there are a couple of companies that have created great add ons for the management client.

  • Axis Optimizer : This plug is a single installation that provides focus control, radar configuration and in client configuration of Axis cameras
  • Axis Perimeter Defender : Perimeter defender is an analytic platform that runs on Axis cameras.  These analytics events are brought into Milestone via a management plug-in which aggregates the sensors and event auto-creates user defined events for you.
  • Imagus : Is a facial recognition app with one of the best integrations to Milestone I have seen from both the management client and the smart client.  It allows you to enroll faces, create alerts, easily pass analytic events and more right from the management or smart clients.  
  • The Boring Toolbox : Shameless plug but of course the Boring Toolbox utilizes MIPSDK extensively to help more efficiently manage many of the features names above including bulk password changes, bulk renaming of devices and hardware, automatic device groups and more.

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