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Security technology administration teams are tasked with managing many systems and need to be able to quickly make changes and understand what needs to be addressed. At Boring Lab we can not solve for every system but we have solved for Milestone XProtect VMS and released a solution that will help system admins view insights, increase cyber security and affect system wide change much faster. Be a hero to your customers by bringing them a tool that will decrease their boredom and increase their happiness.

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Approved Milestone Systems channel partners can gain access to the only solution built exclusively for Milestone Xprotect system administrators by Milestone system administrators. Bring immediate value to your clients with this unique XProtect extension that removes the tedium of managing larger systems. Your clients will thank you.

Show your clients what you can do with access to demo licenses of the Boring Toolbox.

Partners will automatically be enrolled into our discount program based on their Milestone Partner level and Boring training

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  • Once we receive your application we will review and send you welcome email if accepted
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