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October 2019 Release

In October we have built upon the features released in September and upgraded notifications, added some configuration flags and expanded support for our bulk configuration.

Additional Email Notifications

We have added an additional email notification based on a minimum number of cameras “not providing video”.  

Camera not providing video notification with minimum cameras down

This is good for those very large deployments that want to only be alerted when a group of cameras all go down at the same time.  We allow you to set a minimum value as well as a time interval and then Boring Toolbox will only send you an email when those criteria are met.

**UPDATE: We have removed the need to re-login to the client every 10 hours.  So you can now leave the client open indefinitely and process these notifications.

Extended Device Support for Bulk Configuration

We have extended the support for our bulk configuration, Settings, feature to even more cameras.  There is no way to test all of them but we estimate 80%, including Bosch and Sony.  Try it and let us know what we are missing!

Boring Toolbox Extended Settings

Additional filtering on Storage Tile

There is now an additional level of filtering on the storage tile of the dashboard called Other Storage.

Other storage filter on the storage health tile

Live Storage, now only provides details on the drives that are identified in the storage configurations as “live” or first tier storage.

Other Storage, shows you drives that are neither Live or Archive.  These drives include your windows operating system (OS) C: drive as well as reserved drives provided by NVR appliance manufactures (ie: Razberi).

Some additional client updates

  • Added camera “Model” column in password manager grid
  • Added camera “Brand” column in camera export
  • Added camera “Model” in Detail View at Hardware & Device level
  • Added support for Milestone “Enabled” & “Disabled” events for live monitoring cameras providing video

Full details can be found on release notes.

April 2021 Release

Boring Toolbox April 2021 Release

We’ve been busy since. the start of the year and are excited to tell you about everything we’ve been working on that will enhance the user experience and usability of managing Milestone XProtect system!

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