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New Boring Toolbox Release, V3

We are super excited to release Version 3 of our Boring Toolbox! We spent much longer on this update than our normal 2 weeks cycle but that is because we have rebuilt The Boring Toolbox almost from the ground up with a focus on performance and smooth user experience. This was a critical step in being able to support larger systems and creates an even more robust platform for growth and simplified management.

Here are some of the enhancements in v3:

  • Reduced loading times of the application by 85% on systems larger than 5000 cameras
    • ie: For 10,000 cameras 46 sec vs 5 min 20 sec (v3 vs v2)
  • Optimized UI Components for large data sets, 4000+ Device Groups, 100,000+ Devices  Some include:
    • Provides seamless selection of large number of cameras
    • Faster, smoother searching throughout
    • Smoother transitions after saving
    • Instant loading of password manager
  • Optimized generating camera report by approximately 60%
    • Benchmark: 52 sec for 865 cameras with snapshots and credentials
  • Optimized Hardware, Device Groups, and Password Management filtering by up to 75%
  • Updated login loading progress when application starts
  • Updated application dashboard with ‘Enabled Hardware’ & ‘Disabled Hardware’
  • Updated ‘Add Group Members’ dialog with drill down filtering by search string, recording server, and device status.
  • Added non-blocking notifications after operations complete
  • Added clickable camera report link to open the file with the default associated application (if available)

Below is the data set we used for testing 🙂

Large dataset used for testing v3

Download the latest version of The Boring Toolbox here or if you do not have a license try it for free here.

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