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Solving XProtect Recording Server 2020R3 Install Errors, AddRecorderToManagementServer()

I was upgrading a Milestone XProtect 2018R3 Corporate system to 2020R3 the other day and ran into several roadblocks.

One roadblock was that Milestone XProtect 2020R3 recording server would not install.  It would always fail with this error:

Failed to install package AddRecorderToManagementServer()

This led me to a KB 000020730 on Milestone’s support website.  This KB makes note that the recording server GUID in the RecorderConfig.xml file does not match what the management server has.

I followed the steps in the KB article but the Milestone recording server was still failing to install.

Looking deeper in the install log file I saw the error below:

Error An error has occured while running the recorder plugin during installation.
Error details: VideoOS.Installer.RecorderTaskPlugin.ManagementServerConfigurationException: AddUserToAdminRole(): Connect to Management Server failed --->

This led me to find another great KB on Milestone’s support website, KB 000013419.

This article clearly states that it is meant ONLY for XProtect 2019R3 and that the issue has been addressed in newer releases but, I was still having the same problem.

I followed the steps in the KB and it worked!

So, it looks like this problem is still evident in 2020R3 or at least in this circumstance.

The only update to this article is that on the newer versions of Milestone

  • Right click on the Management Server icon in the system tray
  • Select Server Configurator
  • Select Registering Servers
  • Enter in the IP or DNS name of the management server
  • Click Register
Milestone XProtect 2020R3 Server Configurator


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