Milestone 101: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About XProtect

This one-stop-shop reference guide lays out everything you need to know about your Milestone XProtect video security system, including where to find the most accurate and updated information about your VMS and how to keep everything in your system running smoothly.
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Have you ever found yourself scouring YouTube or Google for a tutorial on what the heck you need to know to operate or troubleshoot your Milestone XProtect system?


That's why we’re here to save you time on your search with a one-stop-shop reference guide with answers to all of your burning questions about Milestone XProtect.

Learning more about your Milestone VMS, updating software license codes (SLC), and using Milestone Web and Mobile Clients are valuable tools to add to your VMS admin toolbox (not to mention adding the Boring Toolbox, which you should also totally do…) In this blog, we’re laying out where you can find all the need-to-know fundamentals for your Milestone system.

Where can I learn the Milestone XProtect fundamentals?

So you’ve got your Milestone XProtect system set up. Now, where can you go to learn more about how to view and review your video (some light reading before bed, anyone)? The Milestone XProtect Smart Client User Manual is elaborate, easy to navigate, and gives basic information about the client, as well as intuitive insights for VMS administrators looking to get the most out of their Smart Client machines.

The Smart Client manual is your one-stop-shop for all the basics like how to navigate different cameras and views, search through video data, and create video evidence and investigations.

Here’s what you’ll find in this manual:

  • Licensing fundamentals for XProtect Smart Client
  • System requirements and considerations
  • Installation information
  • Configuration help
  • How to optimize your user experience
  • Fundamental operations
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to upgrade your system and licenses
  • FAQs

How do I register my software license codes (SLC) in XProtect?

Registering your software license codes in Milestone Customer Dashboard allows you to stay on top of which licenses you own and stay on top of VMS installations.

Knowing the basics behind licensing in XProtect gives you the tools you need to keep your systems running smoothly. Enter Milestone’s helpful tips, the go-to source for all SLC information.

Instructions to register your SLC are simple. In that same resource, you can also find information about:

  • how to associate your SLC to an existing license group
  • how to enter a custom description of a license
  • how to associate the SLC with a customer.

Note: Distributors, resellers, integrators, and end-users can all register licenses. But each role can only register a license once.

What can I do in XProtect from my web browser?

Even though you’ll want to run XProtect Smart Client software to handle more of the nitty gritty VMS tasks, there’s still a lot you can do in XProtect Web Client.

Don’t have access to your XProtect client system? 

You can use XProtect Web Client with only internet access to still operate basic VMS functionality, such as :

  • View live video and recordings
  • Play incoming/outgoing audio in live video and video recordings
  • Create investigations
  • Activate actions that trigger events in your VMS
  • Download video exports with/without audio
  • View the video streams for alarms that were triggered by certain events

Can’t get enough of this riveting content?

We know the feeling.

You can learn more about the possibilities and limitations of using the XProtect Web Client in this overview. Find details about Web Client’s system requirements, configuration details, and explained operational details for those dire circumstances when you need to access your system, but only have internet access.

How do I use XProtect from my mobile device?

Just like checking your email throughout the day, you can check on the health of your security network whenever you want, right from your phone with the free XProtect Mobile app.

Available for iOS and Android, XProtect Mobile provides you with the same streamlined functionality and peace of mind that XProtect Web Client does.

Look through Milestone’s Mobile Client guide to understand the essential features that keep you in control of your system from your mobile device.

Learn about:

  • How to connect your device to a mobile server
  • Streaming video from your mobile device
  • Using features like bookmarks, picture-in-picture, playback timelines, and more

How do I upgrade my Milestone software license to the latest version?

To make sure your VMS is in tiptop shape and you’re not missing out on all the new and exciting updates from Milestone, upgrading your license and software when you can is a must.

Here’s your reference guide with everything you need to know about XProtect license upgrades.

Get crucial information about how to filter licenses by upgrades, how to upgrade your Milestone VMS product, and how to ensure your software is always up to date with step-by-step guides so easy, you’ll be waving goodbye to your endless tutorial-searching days.

Pro Tip: Check out this reference article on how to activate your new upgraded licenses.

Final Pro-Tips

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Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

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