Video Camera and Recording Server Inventory Report Template For Excel & Google Sheets

Keep your company’s video security system consistent with this comprehensive report template.

Template Highlights

This inventory report template is available in Google Sheets and Excel
Detailed instructions are available in the "notes" tab and are very simple: delete the sample data and enter your own
Template broken up into three tabs for ideal system segmentation: devices, recorder info, and storage configuration
Easy to use and customize with your own company branding


Any information you may need to support your system now or in the future.  This could include Milestone-specific information like recording servers, site names, and archive configs, as well as device-specific information like make, model, IP address, MAC address, stream information, video retention, and more.

Camera inventory reports are important because they allow you to audit your VMS to ensure it is configured correctly, share information about your system with your team, and establish an archive of records that you can reference in the future.

Inventory reports also make it easier to manage your system because all of your information is in one place!

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