The Boring Lab


Bulk hardware management

Boring hardware management capabilities allow you to deploy more quickly and stay in compliance

Powerful filters

Instantly filter devices by Recording Server, Device Type, Device Status and Custom search value.

Built-In Password Manager

Using Boring Toolbox and Milestone XProtect together you can now securely access your unique camera passwords directly inside the client. No more INSECURE cheat sheets!

…it has helped to make management of the surveillance system much more manageable.

Quick short-cut to Remote Desktop

Use Boring Toolbox as a remote desktop services manager. Launch an RDS/RDP session directly to your recording servers right from the client.

Axis reboot and auto-focus from XProtect

Take Action

Reboot, adjust vari-focal lens and auto-focus selected cameras directly from the Boring Client. Skip the need to log directly into the cmaera.

The Big Picture

As you deploy new cameras, focus existing or configure analytics you need to see the big picture. With expanded view you can now view live and playback video right from the Boring Toolbox

Larger video for live and playback
Play Video

Renaming is so easy

Renaming cameras in Milestone XProtect management client is a one by one process. See how you can use Boring Toolbox to save hours renaming cameras and with substantially fewer clicks.

Apply camera settings across different devices

Update Codec, Frames per Second, Resolution and Streaming Mode in bulk across multiple-brands and models in one go. Quickly push settings for high recording and low viewing stream with out touching each device individually.

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Search Milestone XProtect for Cameras
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Instant search on every screen

Quickly find the camera you are looking for by simply searching for the name, IP address, MAC address or subnet

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