How to Make Your Security Job Seem Cool to Your Kids

As a security professional, it can be tough to get your kids excited about what you do. But not anymore! Taken from my experience with my daughters, these tips can help get your kids inspired and involved in video security and surveillance.

Smart Cities with GIS Mapping

Learn about how GIS mapping is affecting the way cities are built and run. New “smart” cities can be made safer, cleaner, and more responsible with this new technology. Read on to learn how it’s being used today, and could be used tomorrow.

Feature Release: Boring For Your Browser

It’s time to welcome a new Boring product to the party. Introducing: The Boring Web Dashboard! See what’s new in the updated, browser-based version of our popular VMS web dashboard. We’ve improved upon the features you know and love, added new functionality, and then made it as intuitive as possible for any member of your team to access your VMS.