7 of the Coolest Things You Can Do With Milestone XProtect

Expand the functionality of your Milestone XProtect VMS with these 7 integrations that will basically give you superpowers.
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Milestone Systems robust partner network means that you are able to customize XProtect to meet the unique security needs of your company. While Milestone integrations are Boring and offer tools to make managing XProtect well… manageable, others can make you feel like Iron Man.

Facial and voice recognition technology? GPS tracking? Touchless access control? You got it. 

Here are 7 of the coolest technology integrations you can use with your Milestone XProtect VMS.

Facial Recognition by Vix Vizion

Vix Vizion’s robust facial recognition solutions are about as cool (and accurate) as it gets. As an Intelligent Analytics company, they use advanced deep learning algorithms to offer fast, accurate and robust facial recognition and video analytics solutions for applications in security, responsible gaming, student well being, access control, identity verification, aged care/ health care, retail, marketing and transport.

Why It’s Cool

Vix Vizion’s image monitoring software, Imagus, has one of the best integrations into Milestone XProtect we have seen and is so accurate that it can detect a single face in a poorly lit, high movement crowd and capture all of the information without ever actually storing faces, just the metadata.

The retail applications alone will blow your mind: identify returns desk fraud for loss prevention or optimize store layout based on traffic and trends. The possibilities are endless and super freaking cool.

Voice Recognition by Commend

Commend’s voice detection tool can help you prevent messy and life-threatening situations.

Why It’s Cool

The intercom integration offers quick access to emergency buttons, motion detection controls and advanced voice control. The Milestone XProtect server is able to automatically trigger alarms when a call is initiated in the Intercom system. If an emergency arises, an advanced security mode activates security response features. These features transform everyday intercom systems to be the eyes and ears for first responders and those involved in the incident.

The cameras are able to watch and communicate to those in need. Helping them find a safe and secure exit.

Smoke Detection by IncoreSoft

Time is critical when it comes to fire emergencies. If there’s a fire in your building, you will want to know about it as fast as possible. The VEZHA™ Smoke & Fire Detection Module is designed to help users maintain safety within their facilities by quickly notifying them of any issues with the fire alarm system via SMS or email alerts.

Why It’s Cool

The plugin can detect the slightest movement of smoke or fire in the field view of the camera. Using Milestone VMS the user can upload the video and send it to the appropriate department to control the incident and receive the appropriate amount of help needed.

Fire Panel Integration by Radinium

Radinium’s Fire Panel Integration detects triggered alarms and generates reports based off of SOPs and customized procedures.

Why It’s Cool

This technology can be implemented into a Milestone XProtect® system to provide you with the ability to perform automated actions for a quick response to fire alarms through video support.

A fire alarm tab can show up to 4 cameras per fire device. The tab in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client also shows where there is a fire and displays live video from any of these cameras. This feature automatically detects when a fire alarm occurs and saves the frame from each camera that triggered the alarm into an “Alarms” folder. In addition to saving the triggering images, Milestone also creates a graphical report of the triggered alarms and saves it in a “Reports” folder.

Onsite reports can detect false alarms. This integration is the closest thing to being an actual superhero.

2N® Access Commander Plugin by 2N

2N’s Access Control Integration to XProtect Access is a single intuitive interface for the video and access monitoring and control. 2N® Access Commander Plugin integrates with the 2N access control system with XProtect® Access system.

Why It’s Cool

The plugin lets you view access events and cardholder information, trigger door locks and monitor alarms directly in XProtect®. The two-way audio function enables the opportunity to speak directly with visitors or delivery couriers through the built-in speakers in the device itself.

This may not be the flashiest gizmo/gadget on this list but if we are factoring impact on quality of life to our definition of “cool,” not getting up every 2 minutes to open the door is pretty darn cool.

Geographic Information System by Terra 4D Systems

TERRA 4D is a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) integration for Milestone XProtect that facilitates incident detection, security and safety related incidents, presenting complex information in a simplified geographical 3D context, thus offering operators superior situational awareness.

Why It’s Cool

Terra 4D looks like it is straight out of a Marvel movie. It allows you to visualize data from different sources to detect security and safety concerns. The data is presented on a 3D GIS model, giving you access information from multiple perspectives, making it more effective and efficient.

Geo-referenced video allows you to determine object location (latitude, longitude, height), speed, direction and size directly from video image as well as eee through buildings, floor plans and map layers.

They even have augmented reality: an additional graphical layer on top of video images showing interactive items. I think we may need to do a deeper dive on that tool, for research purposes of course. 😉

The Boring Toolbox Management Tools by The Boring Lab

The goal is for efficiency, and The Boring Lab is doing that and shaving off hours from your weekly reporting and diagnostics. Using bulk operations, intuitive workflows and live monitoring notifications, it feels like you’re adding an additional staff to your team. In fact, The Boring Lab states it would take two to three additional people to report as accurately as their software.

No need to be glued to your security system out of feat that something will go wrong! You can finally your life again. Hooray!

Why It’s Cool

The Boring Toolbox makes it WAY easier to manage your VMS day in and day out.

Using the intuitive user interface, users can monitor the health of their cameras, change names and passwords of cameras in bulk, and easily run reports to audit the system for configuration errors, video clarity and video retention. 

What’s even cooler than saving you time and stress managing your VMS? Doing all of that for free.

Get started for free when you sign up for a 30-day free trial of The Boring Toolbox.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

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