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20 Second XProtect Challenge

We wanted to show you how much time you can actual save with Boring Toolbox and so we are putting our money (figuratively of course) where our mouth is.  We are going to take basic Milestone XProtect management activities and pit Boring Toolbox against Milestone management client and see which tool can perform those functions in under 20 seconds.

Ready, go!

1. Reporting on video health in less than 20s

In this challenge we try to create an Excel report on all cameras that are not providing video to Milestone VMS.  We test this using Milestone management client and manual copy of pertinent details to Excel and then through the Boring dashboard Live Monitoring tile.

2. Reporting on camera storage health in less than 20s

In this challenge we try and identify the cameras that are using the most amount of storage on the VMS.  A camera consuming more storage than expected could be a sign of <<spiders>> or other creepy crawlies or potentially mis-configured motion detection settings.

3. Disabling all microphones in less than 20s

This one might be a bit specific, and it actually does have a very real use case, think GDPR audit, but this is just an example of how you can use multiple features of the Boring Toolbox to achieve an end result extremely quickly and efficiently.

4. Reporting on camera video retention in less than 20s

For those industries that require compliance with video retention laws a quick way to audit how long each camera is being recorded.  With the new Boring Toolbox retention reporting function you can export the retention of each device in days as well as the period of retention in an easy to read and audit Excel report.

5. Creating camera groups by model in less than 20s

In Milestone XProtect you have the ability to make bulk changes to camera settings using the Milestone XProtect management client. There is a catch though, you will need to have each of your cameras in specific camera groups based on make and model. Without these camera groups you will not be able to make those bulk settings changes to camera setting in the Milestone XProtect management client. To fix this the Boring Toolbox has created Auto-Groups! Boring Toolbox will automatically create device groups in Milestone XProtect making them more transactional and allowing you to quickly push out this bulk settings changes.