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02/12/2019 Release : HTTPS Enable, Partial IP Searching

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Service version : 2.19.0121
Client version : 2.19.0205

Set HTTPS in Bulk in XProtect

HTTPS is becoming a minimum in higher security deployments and unfortunately HTTPS needs to be enabled in Milestone after the camera is already added to the VMS. Doing this manually takes at minimum 5 step per camera but can take much more depending on how your system is organized.  We wanted to make it easier for you to secure your cameras with HTTPS.  The new version of The Boring Toolbox now adds the following:

  • Added a new menu context to enable and disable HTTPS in bulk
  • Added an identifier to the hardware device to visualize which cameras already have HTTPS enabled (see the lock on the hardware below?)
  • In order to finish the process of enabling HTTPS in Milestone you will need to disable and then enable the hardware.  Performing this insures that Milestone re-authenticates with the camera over HTTPS and allows you the time to check that the camera still streams video.  Due to this requirement we made sure that all the cameras you checked to enable HTTPS on will remain checked after that operation so that you can immediately disable and re-enable the cameras in Boring Toolbox all at once.
  • Enabling HTTPS on 100s of cameras at once is now a 4 click process!

HTTPS now in reporting

We added HTTPS to the camera report in a previous version in preparation for this new update.  So now, once you update your cameras with HTTPS, you can report on this and audit which cameras your missed and which still need HTTPS applied to them.  This field is reported on by default now.

Partial IP Search

You can now search for cameras, in all tabs, by partial IP address (or subnet).  You will need to provide at least 7 characters inclusive of dots (.) for it to trigger the partial IP search. This is amazingly useful if you misnamed something or if you want to apply settings in bulk by subnet.

UI Improvements for larger systems

Improved tree rendering on medium systems (1000+).

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

Team Boring

Your go-to XProtect eXPerts. We learn the technical stuff that will save you time and make it less boring.

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