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02/01/2019 Release : Arecont Password Sync & Settings Support

Service version : 2.19.0121
Client version : 2.19.0129
Password Manager: Sync for Arecont Cameras

We integrated the Arecont API into the Boring Client so that you can now easily change passwords in Arecont cameras and in Milestone at the same time!  Below is an image of what you should see when updating passwords on Arecont Vision cameras.  It will present the green circle with white check mark to indicate that sync is supported on the camera.

Arecont Settings
Password Manager: Copy the current password
We have implemented a simple but very useful feature.  In the password manager you are now able to select the password and press Ctrl+C to copy just the password.  This is possible even when the password is hidden!  This is great if you use long complex passwords or random passwords for each camera and you want to easy way to log directly into the camera’s interface.  This feature, along with our search functionality essentially turns Milestone XProtect in to your very own Camera Password Manager.

Settings : Custom Resolutions

In Milestone XProtect VMS Arecont Vision use a driver that requires the user to set an X and Y pixel count to define the resolution of the camera which was not previously supported in our settings feature.  To solve this we built a custom method of setting Arecont Vision resolutions in Milestone VMS in bulk and per stream.  When going to Hardware > Selecting the camera > Pressing “Settings” > Resolution tab you will now see a “Custom” selection under the resolution drop down that will allow you to manually enter the resolution for Arecont Vision cameras.  Currently “Custom” option will only show if an Arecont camera is selected.  Min and Max are also supported options for Arecont cameras and will populate the values from the driver.

arecont-settings resolution mailchimp
April 2021 Release

Boring Toolbox April 2021 Release

We’ve been busy since. the start of the year and are excited to tell you about everything we’ve been working on that will enhance the user experience and usability of managing Milestone XProtect system!

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