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Be more efficient, service your client better and increase your bottom line

You quote a job expecting some unknowns, factor in extra time to work through them but sometimes that plan doesn’t allow you to win the job. What if you had a tool that would allow you to be so efficient that you build in a buffer without adding time to the proposal? What if you had a tool that allowed you to react quickly and with confidence when the job takes a turn? With the Boring Toolbox you now have that confidence.

Supercharge your engineers

Your engineers are your most valuable assets. Boring Toolbox makes them more efficient and gives them hours back to support more customers

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Deliver your deployments on time and respond faster to new client requests with Boring Toolbox bulk configuration and reporting.

Increase the bottom line

Time is money. Using Boring Toolbox saves hours if not days on a deployment increasing your profits while making you look like a hero.

One touch sign off reports

Create awesome reports with all the information you need to show your customer what an amazing job you did.

This software is amazing! It paid for itself the first time I pressed “generate report”

Consistent camera settings

Create new, more efficient deployment workflows with bulk hardware configuration and device group creation.  Close the job days sooner…your engineers and clients will thank you!

  • Bulk rename devices
  • Bulk enable and disable devices
  • Bulk device settings update
  • Bulk IP address update
  • Password management
  • Create device groups with search
  • Create device groups per camera type
  • Powerful camera search and filters
The bulk configuration capabilities, reporting, and overall functionality of the product is outstanding!

Use at all your clients

Every Milestone customer is a Boring Lab customer.  So save time during your deployment and show the value of the Boring Toolbox to your client at the same time.  Instantly have a new revenue stream while saving your client money at the same time.  Win-Win!

Dashboards for Milestone XProtect

How does it work?

How does the licensing for systems integrators work?

Licensing for Milestone systems integrators is done on a subscription basis per user.

Can I manage multiple customer XProtect systems with one subscription?

Yes!  As a Milestone systems integrator we know you are responsible for managing multiple customers so unlike the perpetual license for end-users, the subscription version of Boring Toolbox is not tied to a specific SLC or to a specific legal entity. That means that you are free to use the activated Boring Client on all your customer's XProtect systems. To do this just install the Boring API on the customer's management server and point your Boring Client over to it.

Are all software updates included with my MSP subscription?

Yes!  All updates are included as long as you are a current subscriber.

How do I purchase a subscription?

Subscriptions are for integrators only and sold through Boring Lab directly.  Please reach out to us via email or via our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!

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