The Boring Lab

Connect IoT to XProtect

Connect, configure and manage IoT devices and events into Milestone at SCALE

Automated IOT configuration

Plug the IoT device into the network and Boring Toolbox will find it, pre-configure it and prepare it to be added to Milestone XProtect.

Connect IoT + Camera

Connect your IoT device with one or many cameras to make event management and rule creation exponentially more simple.

Add IOT to Milestone XProtect

Configure, map and add IOT devices all from one easy wizard

IoT event management at scale

Boring Toolbox handles the event creation and the camera mapping which means exponentially less time managing events and rules.

With Boring Toolbox

IoT Devices
IoT Events

Without Boring Toolbox

IoT Devices
IoT Events
HALO SMart Sensor integration with XProtect

HALO + Boring

For our first integration we chose to work with IP Video and their HALO Smart Sensor. This device has a multitude of sensors onboard to detect vape, THC, CO, gunshot and others which makes it a perfect candidate for simplification.

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