The Boring Lab

Access Your XProtect Health Insights From Anywhere

'Boring For Your Browser' gives you and your team the power to log in in to The Boring Toolbox and monitor the health of your security system from any browser, no software needed. Know exactly which cameras and servers need attention before problems arise and share that information easily with relevant team members.

Live Monitoring

Stay On Top Of Your VMS Health In Real-Time

Live Monitoring & Recent Event Notifications help you to know exactly when specific cameras and recording servers went down and were restored

Flapping Cameras

Be Proactive In Identifying Flapping Cameras

Easily identify which cameras may be flying under your notification threshold radar alllowing you to be more proactive about your camera health.

Critical Cameras

Stay On Top Of Critical Camera Health

Tag cameras as critical and easily sort and filter your insights based on camera criticality.

Storage Configuration

Identify Potential Archive Storage Configuration Issues

Monitor both XProtect archive configuration as well as physical storage on the servers themselves.

SD-Card Health Monitoring

Stop Checking Your SD-Cards Manually For Errors

With built-in monitoring for Axis, Hanwha, and Bosch cameras, you can identify potential errors with your SD-Cards before it becomes a problem.

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