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Milestone Admins, We have to do more in 20 min. Here is How.

Studies have proven that even the best VMS security administrators, highly trained and dedicated to their role though they might be, start to drift off after only twenty minutes this fatigue will inevitably lead to errors in configuration of the Milestone VMS as well as effectively waste countless hours of a highly trained VMS admin professional’s working life.  What can we do to reduce the effects?

02/01/2019 Release : Arecont Password Sync & Settings Support

Service version : 2.19.0121Client version : 2.19.0129 Password Manager: Sync for Arecont Cameras We integrated the Arecont API into the Boring Client so that you can now easily change passwords in Arecont cameras and in Milestone at the same time!  Below is an image of what you should see when updating passwords...

What is the Milestone XProtect Management Client

The Milestone XProtect Management client is the primary administrative user interface used for managing all aspects of the Milestone VMS.  The management client is typically installed on the management server by default.  So if you are managing the video management system from the management server computer then you are good to go.

How to update motion settings in Milestone XProtect and why it's important

Milestone XProtect platform - what is the motion detection settings in Milestone XProtect?

Milestone processes motion detection on the server side allowing the administrator of the VMS lots of flexibility to adjust sensitivity, block out areas of with constantly moving objects such as trees and streets, enable hardware acceleration and more.

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